Cross Sell and Next Best Action Analytics for a Bank

Acquiring a new customer is an expensive in this competitive world.  Banks and credit card organizations spend somewhere $40-$80 per new credit card account.  Similarly retailers spend huge money on advertisement and promotions to attract customers to their brick & mortar store or online portal. First year profitability from the newly acquired customers is very ... Read more

Segmentation - A Perspective

Segmentation is one of the old concepts being used across fields and by non-technical people. People are segmented at least into two groups “Male” and “Female” based on gender characteristics.  Now let’s try to understand these two segments better.  These two segments will be very different on a few characteristics (that are variables in analytics ... Read more

Retailers and Type of Retail Stores

Author: Ajay Dadheech and Ram Originally Published @ A retailer is a person or business that sells goods or commodities directly to the consumers. The products are sourced from wholesalers or suppliers and sold to the consumers at a marked up price. A retailer works on to attract consumers to the retail store(s) cost effectively (Marketing & ... Read more