Visualisation using R - Commonly used functions

We will discussing some of the commonly used Base R Graphic functions.  Some of the commonly used functions are plot: Plotting Line Chart and Scatter Plot boxplot: Box Whiskers Plot for a continuous variable  or distributions by different groups hist: Histogram Scatter  Plot We will create a sample data points and then use for the scatter ... Read moreVisualisation using R - Commonly used functions

Heatmap using R

 Author: Niloy Ghosh In a lot of scenarios, visualising data and information on world map can give some interesting insights and perspective. In the current example, we are using London Olympic Athlete Data for plotting. The results of clustering has been visualised on world map to see how clusters are presented across countries. London Olympic ... Read moreHeatmap using R

Powerful Pie Charts using R

Pie Charts: When do you use Pie Chart? Pie chart is one of the ways to visualise data and analysis results. For comparing and visualizing categorical - nominal and ordinal - variable values, Pie chart is used. Pie Chart is very useful in comparing contribution of various categories in the the overall or total value. ... Read morePowerful Pie Charts using R

Box Plot using R

Box Plot: Overview Box plots are one of the most useful exploratory visualization tools available for analysts. They can help in visualizing data for identifying outliers and for comparing distributions of multiple variables or distribution of a variable based on levels of a categorical variable. Box Plot is also called Box and Whisker Plot. There ... Read moreBox Plot using R

Clustered Column Chart using base R Graphic

Column chart is used to compared numeric values across categories. Normally when categorical values are in cronological or sequential order, we use column chart. When we want users to compare values across categories, we should use Bar Chart/horizontal bars. Type of Column Charts Normal Column Chart Grouped or Clustered Column Chart Stacked Column Chart and ... Read moreClustered Column Chart using base R Graphic

Visualisation: Histogram using ggplot2

Histogram using ggplot2 visualization Histogram is one of the powerful Statistical Analysis & Visualization tool. It is used for understanding the distribution of numeric data vector or column. Unfortunately, documentation on Histogram in R is not explained at one place and in a comprehensive way. Of course, web pages & blogs have a lot useful ... Read moreVisualisation: Histogram using ggplot2