T Test - Single Sided

Came across an interesting scenario to apply single sided T Test. In the previous blog, we explained T Test and T Test using R.  As discussed, two sample T Test is used to compare means of two samples.

Scenario: In India many of the higher educational institutions and even organisations apply criteria on  class X and XII marks for considering them for next level(s). The question really is whether, marks in class X and XII are indicative of corporate success. Or ( as I believe) the institutions and organisations are applying the condition to filter out candidates  to manage the overall candidate list to right size.

In this example,we wanted to check if salary (a measure of candidate success in corporate) after 10 years of experience is linked to the marks scored in class X. So, we have created two groups based on the marks - whether scored less than 60 marks (a typical criteria applied by the institution or organisation) in class X or not.

Now, for the two groups,we wanted to check if the candidates with class X marks have higher average salary after 10 years of corporate life.


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