Over 60% posts do not get any like on Facebook

In the previous blog, we have shared  insights on the posts which group member have shared in a few Facebook groups. The groups are related to SAS programming, SAS Statistics, Big Data News, Big Data Analytics & Decision Science, R Programming.

We understood that a few folks are contributing in terms of posting into a Facebook group. We are shared statistics on number of members in each of the groups and who are posting more in each of the groups.

In this blogs, we wanted to understand engagement of other members and relevance of the posts. We want to understand % of the posts attracts  attention and engagement of the fellow group members.

The engagement is defined as sum of likes, comments and sharing of a post. We would expect that any relevant posts for the members will be able to attract likes, shares or/and comments. Though comments could be negative but for simplistic scenario, we would still consider as engagement.

Our Approach

  • Extract Facebook Data for a few Facebook groups
  • Append the data from all the Facebook
  • Create Engagement variable
  • Analyse & Visualize engagement level for the posts

We are using Excel, R and Tableau for extracting data, summarizing and visualizing the key metrics.
Over 16k posts have been posted in the 5 Facebook groups considered for the analysis and insights. And significant % of the posts are "Link" shares.

Posts Type1


Significant % of the posts are shared in the recent months and trend of posts counts by month is as follow.

Posts by Month


Before moving to engagement distribution, we wanted to check the number of Likes for each of the posts. Surprising that 64% of the posts do not have a single like.



Now we want to check overall engagement (Likes, Comment and Share Counts)of a post, whether this gives any better picture.  Some respite but still 59% of the posts do not get any like, comment or sharing.


In the next blog, we will aim to uncover differences between engaged and non-engaged posts. We are excited to see engagement level for DnI Institute posts.


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