Interview Questions for R & Data Science

R is an open source Statistical Computing Environment and R Studio is IDE which use R for Data Science and Analytics.

Increased number of organizations are migrating statistical & data analytics to R and are looking for analytics professionals and Data Scientist who have R experience.

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In a job interview, the organizations will be testing candidates for Logical Thinking, knowledge of Statistical & Machine Learning Techniques and  R/R Studio skills.

Depending on the role and expectations, the mix of questions will vary. Some of the questions which could be asked to  the candidates for evaluating R programming skills are

  1. What are the different data types in R?
  2. What is different between Matrix and Data Frame in R?
  3. Why do you need apply() family of functions? What is difference between sapply() and lapply()?
  4. How do you import data into R?
  5. For what do you use with() and by() functions in R?
  6. How missing values are representation in R? How can you replace missing values in R?
  7. What are the options in R to merge two data frames?
  8. A data frame has gender and income variables, how can you find average income by gender?
  9. List a few commonly used R Functions?
  10. How can you create a sample data frame from an input data frame?
  11. What is difference between sort and order functions?
  12. How do you convert Date character string to date variable in R?
  13. What are the factor variable in R?
  14. How do you convert factor variable to a numeric variable without losing information?
  15. How do you split a continuous variable into different groups/ranks in R?


Write us if you want to discuss on these questions or want to know the answers. We would want to hear from you if different questions were asked in your job interview.

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