DnI Institute compiled a list of trainings which expose and equip you to understand & solve some of the real world problems. In your journey to build greater Data Science & Insights experience, we have initiated Analytics Internship Program. This is one of its kind programs to involve you in real world problem solution along with a few seasoned Data Scientist and Analytics Professionals. Applications of Data Science & Insights demand you to know – business domain: Problem Definition, statistics & analytics techniques: Mapping to Right Analytics techniques, data & technology: Solving the analytical problems, and effective communications & leadership: deploy or get it deployed for decision making.

Through this program, you may be involved in the discussions with clients/partners to understand the business challenges. You and the other Data Scientists will define the business problem & convert into analytics problem. You will be involved in the project phases – from project initiation, through developing solution to final delivery/presentation.

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  1. hello sir,
    I want to know about the internship.i have various project on data science and wanted to do internship.i have sound knowledge about data science. waiting for your reply.!!

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