Twitter - R integration and extract data between from and till date

Here is complete end to end integration walk through for twitter and R. It will help the data retrieval between two dates "since and until" PreRequisite: Twitter Account R Steps: Step 1: Go to Step 2: Sign-in to your twitter account Step 3: Click on create new app   Step 4: Fill basic requirement to create app ... Read more

Count consecutive number of days with condition in R

Although R is mostly known for its capability in statistical analytics and data modeling but it has great capability to data preparation and query. Here I present a sample case which is very much required in our day to day analysis. So I came through a scenario when I have to figure out the exception ... Read more

Data Science for Schools and Educational Institutes

Data is pervasive  but analytics & insights are not. Schools and educational institutions are not an exception. In this blog, we will discuss on various ideas to leverage data and analytics for Schools and Institutions. Student Analytics Schools and Institutions captures various details about the students and their learning. Some of the data captured are ... Read more