Scenarios: Multiple Regression Applications

Key criteria used to check whether multiple regression technique can be used is continuous target or dependent variable. Some of the scenarios and ideas are list below. These examples are across functional areas and business verticals.   Industry Vertical Scenario Scenario Description   Human Resource Salary Estimate Predicting or estimating salary of a person based ... Read moreScenarios: Multiple Regression Applications

When to use what statistical technique?

In quite a few times, analytics learners look for help to select statistical techniques for an analysis. In this blog, we aim to summarize our view or provide initial guidance toward this. There a lot of Statistical & Machine learning algorithms are available for practitioners to pick and use in the relevant business problems. Some ... Read moreWhen to use what statistical technique?

Statistics vs. Machine Learning: Dilemma of Analytics Practitioner

Author: Rajneesh Pathak Today Analytics industry uses multiple disciplines which help in solving problems by learning from data.  Techniques from Statistics, Operations research, Machine Learning / Statistical learning, Econometrics along with Market research can solve some similar and very diverse problems which analytics practitioners face today. Though a seasoned user of analytics handles this confluence ... Read moreStatistics vs. Machine Learning: Dilemma of Analytics Practitioner