Chi Square Test using SAS

A chi-square test is an statistical method to test association between two categorical variables (especially between nominal variables).  Type of Variables. Correlation Analysis: When both the variables are continuous, and it can be done using Pearson Correlation Coefficient.  Correlation Analysis. ANOVA: One variable is categorical and other variable is continuous. Finding how levels of categorical variable ... Read moreChi Square Test using SAS

ANOVA using SAS and Example

Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) is used for comparing means across multiple samples. Focus here is only 1-Way ANOVA and there are a few different ways of applying similar concepts to different scenarios. If number of samples or groups is one or two, we can use T Test (T Test using SAS). Using one categorical variables, ... Read moreANOVA using SAS and Example

T Test - Single Sided

Came across an interesting scenario to apply single sided T Test. In the previous blog, we explained T Test and T Test using R.  As discussed, two sample T Test is used to compare means of two samples. Scenario: In India many of the higher educational institutions and even organisations apply criteria on  class X ... Read moreT Test - Single Sided