Twitter - R integration and extract data between from and till date

Here is complete end to end integration walk through for twitter and R. It will help the data retrieval between two dates "since and until" PreRequisite: Twitter Account R Steps: Step 1: Go to Step 2: Sign-in to your twitter account Step 3: Click on create new app   Step 4: Fill basic requirement to create app ... Read more

Logic to Madness of Facebook Post Likes?

Regression Model: Improving Facebook Post Likes In the previous blogs, we have focused on extracting data from Facebook page of a bank/company, providing descriptive statistics of Facebook Post KPIs, and condulting exploratory data analysis to understand factors driving the Facebook likes or sharing of a post. Extracting Data from Facebook Association of Likes and Post ... Read more

Association between Facebook Posts and Likes

Facebook is such an important social media channels; hence we are trying to understand Australian Banks' engagement over the social media platform - Facebook. In the last blog, the focus what historical trends for the 4 major Australian banks Facebook post. Digital Engagement of 4 largest banks in Australia. Considering  a significant drop in number ... Read more