Data Science: Profile Screening Model for Mid-Management Roles

Business Context: The client was an executive search firm. It has built a candidate database with over a million candidate profiles.  The client wanted to leverage the candidate database for smart candidate selection and recruitment process. For this project, the aim was to build a predictive model which will help in identifying a list of ... Read more

Training:Machine Learning Using R

Machine Learning using R provides hands on workshop with detailed steps on Machine Learning Techniques. It includes steps and calculations on algorithms, so that the candidates get the concepts. The training provides advanced analytics skills  for experienced analytics professionals. If you are interested in classroom (Bangalore) and online training, contact us @ Get more ... Read more

Statistics vs. Machine Learning: Dilemma of Analytics Practitioner

Author: Rajneesh Pathak Today Analytics industry uses multiple disciplines which help in solving problems by learning from data.  Techniques from Statistics, Operations research, Machine Learning / Statistical learning, Econometrics along with Market research can solve some similar and very diverse problems which analytics practitioners face today. Though a seasoned user of analytics handles this confluence ... Read more