K Means Clustering Examples and Practical Applications

Pricing Segmentation: E-retailers or e-commerce companies have taken the retail industry by storm. They are offering luring offers and discounts. They aim to move from discount led to convenience or differentiation led offering over a period in time. Some of them have been forced to start the journey. One of the large retailer wanted to ... Read more

Variable Standardization and K Means Clustering

Analytics is  an approach for identifying patterns from the data and the data is related to a particular context. Without context data values does not have much  significance. Characteristics of the objects (e.g. transactions, customers or clicks) are captured in different variables and values of these variables for an object are the data points. For examples, ... Read more

K Means Clustering Algorithm: Explained

Classification problems are solved by objective segmentation and subjective segmentation. A non technical explanation ( http://dni-institute.in/blogs/segmentation-a-perspective-2/ ) on when to use subjective segmentation technique such as K means clustering and when to use objective segmentation methods such as Decision Tree. One of the most frequently used unsupervised algorithms is K Means. K Means Clustering is exploratory ... Read more

K Means Clustering- Summary Statistics and Visualization

In this post, kmeans function is used for K Means Clustering. Overall approach which is used in K Means Clustering is discussed in the earlier blog. Using London Athlete Data

k-means output statistics kmeans function gives below statistics as standard output. Cluster: A vector of integers (from 1:k) indicating the cluster to which each ... Read more

A tutorial on K Means Clustering using London Olympic Athlete Data

Author: Ram and Ajay K Means Cluster: Overview K Means clustering is one of the commonly used techniques across industries and functional areas for generating insights and taking actions for business outcomes. K Means Clustering - How Algorithm Works? K means clustering Applications If the clustering is done on customer characteristics, the clusters can be ... Read more