Decision Tree: CHAID

There a number of different Decision Tree building algorithm available for both Regression and Classification problems. One of the great advantage with Decision Tree algorithm is that the output can be easily explained to business users. Some of the decision tree building algorithms are CHAID CART C6.0 In this blog, the focus will be to ... Read more

Customer Life Cycle and Customer Retention Management

Customer Life Cycle is typically has 3 phases –Acquisition, Growth and Retention. Customer Acquisition: Focus is targeting & reaching out to prospects, explaining them about the products and services and on-boarding the customers. Customer Development/Build/Growth: In this phase organizations leverage the existing relationship for growing the engagement with newly acquired customers or existing customers. So, ... Read more

Predictive Modeling: Customer Attrition and Retention Scenario for Financial Services

Author: Ram and Amitayu   It is well established now that retaining an existing customer is a lot easier than acquiring a new customer. Typically, acquiring a new credit card customer cost $50-$80. Surprising though, a lot of banks and financial services organizations still focus a lot more on customer acquisition programs. It could be ... Read more