Random Forest Using R: Step by Step Tutorial

Random Forest: Overview Random Forest is an ensemble learning  (both classification and regression) technique. It is one of the commonly used predictive modelling and machine learning technique. Before understanding random forest algorithm, it is recommended to understand about decision tree algorithm & applications. A non-technical description of decision tree. A simple explanation of why is it ... Read moreRandom Forest Using R: Step by Step Tutorial

Customer Analyst - A glimpse

Customer Analyst is involved in providing data driven insights for customer or segment managers. Customer analysts works on customer analytics which involves understanding customer behavior using data across customer life cycle – Customer Acquisition, Customer Growth/Development and Customer Retention. Some of the business decision drives in customer analytics are based on market segmentation, customer behavioural ... Read moreCustomer Analyst - A glimpse

Predictive Model Performance Statistics

Predictive Model building is much more than running a logistic regression function or any other techniques. In the previous blog, steps of building a predictive model are discussed. If you are interested to learn on how to prepare data for predictive modeling development, you could explore another blog. Before a predictive model is selected for deployment, it undergoes ... Read morePredictive Model Performance Statistics

Steps to prepare data for Predictive Modeling using R

Introduction to Predictive Model Predictive Modeling is an approach to build an statistical relationship between a response variable and a set of independent variables using a data sample (called development sample). The model so developed will be used for predicting values of Response Variable on a new data. Predictive Models are used across functional areas ... Read moreSteps to prepare data for Predictive Modeling using R


Segmentation is one of the old concepts being used across fields and by non-technical people. People are segmentation at least into two groups “Male” and “Female” based on gender characteristics. Now let’s try to understand these two segments better. These two segments will be very different on a few characteristics (that are variables in analytics ... Read moreSegmentation-a-perspective

Cross Sell and Next Best Action Analytics for a Bank

Acquiring a new customer is an expensive in this competitive world.  Banks and credit card organizations spend somewhere $40-$80 per new credit card account.  Similarly retailers spend huge money on advertisement and promotions to attract customers to their brick & mortar store or online portal. First year profitability from the newly acquired customers is very ... Read moreCross Sell and Next Best Action Analytics for a Bank