Analytics Job Interview Questions

It is important to understand expectations of a role for which you are applying and what skills will be relevant there. Your current or previous experience has helped you build your knowledge and skills, that's how it is relevant to your prospective employer. One point to keep in mind is  that none of the two ... Read moreAnalytics Job Interview Questions

Customer Analyst - A glimpse

Customer Analyst is involved in providing data driven insights for customer or segment managers. Customer analysts works on customer analytics which involves understanding customer behavior using data across customer life cycle – Customer Acquisition, Customer Growth/Development and Customer Retention. Some of the business decision drives in customer analytics are based on market segmentation, customer behavioural ... Read moreCustomer Analyst - A glimpse

Interview Process - Evaluating Analytical Skills

In the previous blog, we have shared the list of questions which were asked for evaluating communication, confidence, and technical skills (SAS). In the next round, main expectation was to check the candidate for analytics skills. After the interviewers were comfortable with the technical skills (e.g. SAS in this case), in this round questions were asked ... Read moreInterview Process - Evaluating Analytical Skills

Analytics Interview Process and Questions: Real Case

Typically an analytics job interview process involves multiple stages or rounds. In each of these stages, various skills are evaluated. Some of the key skills required for Analytics Professional or Data Scientist roles are Communication & Leadership Skills Functional and Business Domain Knowledge Logical and Analytical Skills Technical Skills - Machine Learning & Statistical Techniques ... Read moreAnalytics Interview Process and Questions: Real Case