Decision Science: Point of Views

Decsion Science has got its prominence in the recent years. Statistics & Machine Learning (ML) Techniques and Algorithms are being applied to new and interesting areas. And we believe interest and involvement of people from across industries and areas of expertise will bring fundamentally different applications of Decision Science. Creative applications of Data and Decision Science is a way forward.

Some of the most common applications of Data & Decision Science are depicted below:

Decision Sciences: Trainings

DnI offers Data–Discovery –Decision based consulting services to deliver value to our clients. We @DnI use advanced analytics techniques and tools & technology along with industry & functional knowledge to deliver differentiated services. Our offerings range from Data Science Trainings to Delivering Predictive Modeling Services. We offer Data Science and Advanced Analytics trainings.

We have a number of functional and advanced analyics training such as Customer & Marketing Analytics, Retail Analytics, Healthcare Analytics and Credit Card Analytics.

If you are interested in 1 on 1 Personalized or Online Instructor based courses, please contact us @ info@dni-institute.in .


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