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Classroom: Data Science Foundation

Learn R with DnI Institute

Data Science is one of the great career for starters and experience professionals alike. Leading journals and magazines have forecasted millions of jobs getting created in next few years. This course is aimed to help you build Data Science foundation with hands on workshops for working on practical case studies.

Open source evolution has led to new entrants in analytics and data science industry and many small and leading organizations are exploring R for Data Science and Advanced Analytics. Candidates having both SAS and R skills are most sought after in the analytics industry.


Training Logistics and Information

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  • Classroom: BTM Bangalore
  • Training Hours: 30 Hours
  • Weekend Batch of max capacity 8 folks (Hurry up contact us and enroll for the training)
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Training Contents

Hundreds of companies in India and across world are looking for analytics professional or Data Scientists. A data science and analytics professional needs to possess or acquire Statistical/Machine Learning Techniques knowledge, Programming Skills (e.g. SAS, R etc) and Functional Experience.

Data Science Course covers traditional andcommonly used Statistical Methods with examples. SAS/R could be opted as analytical tool for the course.

  • • Data Science overview
    • Analytics Delivery Framework
    • Analytics Problems and Approaches
  • • Statistics Foundation
    • Hypothesis Testing
    • Correlation
    • Chi-square and ANOVA tests
    • Examples/Scenarios
  • • Multiple Regression
    • Modeling Framework
    • Regression Concepts
    • ANOVA & R2
    • Multi-collinearity
    • Example - Cash Collection Forecasting
  • • Logistic Regression
    • Model Development Framework
    • Logistic Regression and Model Performance Statistics
    • Interpreting Logistic Regression Output
    • Calculations of Concordance, KS, Gini
    • Example - MarketingResponse Model
  • • Subjective Segmentation/Clustering
    • Segmentation Framework
    • K Means Algorithm - Explained
    • K Means clustering – Explained using London Olympic Athlete Data
  • • Decision Tree
  • CART - Explained : Worked Out Example with detailed Steps
  • CART using R – Hands on Workshop (for R users)
  • • Case Study project for candidates to work on

    Who Should Attend?

    • • Candidates who have programming knowledge of either SAS/R and wants to leverage it for advance analytics career
    • • Individuals who want to build Data Science career and become certified Data Science Professional or Data Scientist.
    • • Professionals who have gained experience in Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence and other technologies, and want to build experience of key statistical techniques along with practical & hands on case studies.
    • • Candidates are expected to make their hands dirty with data and coding, it is quite involved course.
    • • It is assumed that the candidates have either SAS or R programming skills. (if you do not have you could join R for Data Science or SAS Programming Courses)


    Why DnI Institute?

    • • Personalized Analytics training with max batch size of 8 candidates
    • • Learn Analytics from Industry stalwarts with deep Analytics & domain experience
    • • Trainers have extensive corporate and teaching experience – worked with companies like Genpact, Infosys, Accenture, HSBC and conducted analytics courses at MICA, GIM, Great lakes, IITs and IIMs
    • • Course will be a blend of Industry use cases and practical scenarios/case studies/examples
    • • Guest lecture(s) from Industry experts
    • • Selected candidates considered for Internship @ DnI Institute

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