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Predictive Model Development (Online Interactive)

Training : Overview


Predictive Modeling is epitome of analytics applications and great demand in the market. Analyst with Predictive Modeling skills and experience offer significantly better salary package.  Predictive Model Development using Logistics Regression and SAS are most commonly used combinations in the organizations.   

Some of the common applications are

  • Credit Score Development for the Bank (for Credit Card, Personal Loan etc)

  • Propensity Model for Marketing Campaigns (Cross Sell and Retention)

  • Churn Prediction in Telecom

  • Fraud Detection


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Training Contents

Who should Attend?

Predictive Model Development using SAS and Logistic Regression Training is designed to take the participants through a well structured step by step process of Predictive Model development process. Aim is to help you build experience of model development and not just knowing logistic regression. For each stage of Predictive Model development, diverse set of examples will be discussed so that you are aware of challenges, perspective and practical solutions. The training program will cover theoretical background of Logistic Regression and each stage of Predictive Modeling Framework. 

  • Predictive Modeling and Its Applications
  • Logistic Regression and Predictive Model
  • Predictive Model Framework
  • Defining Target Variables
  • Creating Independent Variables
  • Predictive Modelling Approaches
  • Predictive Model – Samples and Model Selection
  • Putting All Together

Predictive Modeling Logistic Regression Brochure

  • Individuals who want to move up the analytics maturity and become Predictive Modeler.
  • Build Predictive Modeling experience with a diversified perspective
  • For effective use of this training you must have SAS Programming skills and appreciation for basic Statistics ( contact us if you need guidance)
  • If you are interested in Predictive Modeling or Statistics Modeling career, but do not know where to start, this is best training
  • The training covers concepts from practical perspective , so that you are confident in facing interview
  • DnI will provide support in interview preparation
  • SAS is leading provider of Data Analytics and Predictive Modeling Software. Predictive Modeling skills are in great demand and offer great career choices in India and across world        

What do you get?

DnI Offers resources for your flexible, sustainable and enjoyable learning experience. In addition to training, DnI partners on your journey to become successful analytics professional or Data Scientist.
  • Interactive Trainer based session to learn Predictive Modeling anywhere
  • Real Life and Practical Scenario based learning
  • Access to tutor/trainer even after completion of training
  • Training certification post completing quiz and project work
  • Blogs and resources for knowing various applications of Predictive Modeling.
  • Guidance and support for job interview preparation

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