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SAS Programming for Data Analytics (Classroom)

Learn SAS with DnI Institute

SAS is one of the leading Data Analytics and Predictive Analytics Software. Knowing SAS for Data Analytics and Reporting can help in getting into Analytics and Business Intelligence career. SAS skills provide great job prospects in India and across world.

Learning SAS is one step closure in starting Data Science and Analytics career.

Base SAS Programming course is designed to cover most of the concepts of Data Analytics and Base SAS Programming.

Training Logistics and Information

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  • Courses are starting soon
  • Classroom: BTM Bangalore
  • Training Hours: 30 Hours
  • Weekend Batch of max capacity 8 folks (Hurry up contact us and enrol for the training)
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Training Contents

Who Should Attend?

Base SAS programming is a training program which is aim to impart example based learning and applications of SAS programming language. At every stage, practical business scenarios are created to explain SAS Data Steps, PROCs, Functions and options, Data Steps and Procs Output and results are explored further by asking relevant questions to make learning enjoyable and inquisitive. 

  • • Base SAS Overview
  • • Reading and Writing Data
  • • Data Validation: Variable – Type, Length Observations – missing ,count etc
  • • Data Manipulation:Change type of a variable. Variable Creation,Keep/Drop variables, Subset dataset,Aggregation etc
  • • Appending and merging:SET statement and PROC Append, Merge Statement and PROC SQL, etc
  • • SAS Functions
  • • Array & Control Statements
  • • Summary Statistics
  • • Student Project
  • • Individuals who want to build Data Science career and become certified Data Analyst.
  • • Candidates who wants to develop Base SAS skills and leverage SAS knowledge to start analytics career.
  • • Candidates who are looking for SAS learning support for Base SAS certification.
  • • Candidates who have reporting experience and want to build Data Analytics & SAS skills for career growth
  • • Course starts with basics without any assumptions on previous knowledge of SAS or analytics

Why DnI Institute?

  • • Personalized Analytics training with max batch size of 8 candidates
  • • Learn Analytics from Industry stalwarts with deep Analytics & domain experience
  • • Trainers have extensive corporate and teaching experience – worked with companies like Genpact, Infosys, Accenture, HSBC and conducted analytics courses at MICA, GIM, Great lakes, IITs and IIMs
  • • Course will be a blend of Industry use cases and practical scenarios/case studies/examples
  • • Guest lecture(s) from Industry experts
  • • Selected candidates considered for Internship @ DnI Institute

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