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Data Analytics using R (Online Video Based)

Training : Overview

R is open source Data Analytics and Statistical Computing environment. R is a function based programming language and has over 4000 packages. So, it is very powerful and flexible analytics tools but at a time difficult to get grasp of the tool and be confident about the knowledge.                             Data Analytics using

R provides a great start to learn, explore and master R programming for data analytics.             

Training Contents

 Who should Attend?


Data Analytics using R is designed to speed up learning of R for Data Analytics. In the course, working R is explained using Practical Scenarios in a lucid way by the Experienced Analytics Professionals who have decades of Data Science and Analytics experience.

  • Getting Started with R and R Studio
  • Data Reading and Writing
  • Data Manipulation
  • Control Statements and Functions
  • Data Visualizaations
  • Predictive Modeling using R: Overview

Detailed Training Contents

  • Individuals who want to build Data Science career and become certified Data Science Professional or Data Scientist.
  • R is analytics and statistical computing platform and individuals who are looking at hands on and scenario based learning.
  • Considering R is an open source analytics tools; hence finding resources and documents at one place and in a consistent way is a challenge; this course provides a steep learning curve.
  • SAS users who wants to develop R skills for career growth.
  • Experienced Professionals who are fascinated by R, Big Data and Data Science.
  • Course starts with basics without any assumptions on previous knowledge of R

What do you get?

DnI Offers resources for your flexible, sustainable and enjoyable learning experience. In addition to training, DnI partners on your journey to become successful analytics professional or Data Scientist.

  • Videos to learn R anywhere anytime
  • 24X7 Access to recorded videos for 2 months
  • Real Life and Practical Scenario based learning
  • Access to tutor/trainer over weekend
  • Training certification post completing quiz and project work
  • Blogs and resources for enhancing R programming, Data Analytics and Predictive Modeling skills
  • Guidance and support for job interview preparation

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