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Data Analytics using SAS (Online Interactive)

Training : Overview

SAS is one of the leading Data Analytics and Predictive Analytics Software. Knowing SAS for Data Analytics and Reporting can help in getting into Analytics and Business Intelligence career.

Data analytics using SAS is designed to cover most of the concepts of Data Analytics and Base SAS Programming. .

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Training Contents

Who should Attend?

Data Analytics using SAS is structured in a progressive and structured way. At every stage, practical business scenarios are created to appreciate SAS options, Data Steps and Procs. Output and results are explored further by asking relevant questions to make learning enjoyable and lasting. 

  • Base SAS Overview
  • Reading and Writing Data
  • Data Validation
  • Data Manipulation
  • Appending and merging
  • SAS Functions
  • Array & Control Statements
  • Summary Statistics

Detailed Training Contents

  • Individuals who want to build Data Science career and become certified Data Analysis.
  • SAS is leading provider of Data Analytics and Predictive Modeling Softwares.SAS skills provide great job prospects in India and across world
  • Base SAS skills and Data Analytics provide great platform to start analytics career or change career to Data Science and Reporting
  • Looking to get Base SAS certification
  • Reporting Experience and want to build Data Analysis & SAS skills for career growth
  • Course starts with basic without any assumptions on previous knowledge of SAS

What do you get?

DnI Offers resources for your flexible, sustainable and enjoyable learning experience. In addition to training, DnI partners on your journey to become successful analytics professional or Data Scientist.
  • Interactive Trainer based session to learn Base SAS anywhere
  • Real Life and Practical Scenario based learning
  • Access to tutor/trainer even after completion of training
  • Training certification post completing quiz and project work
  • Blogs and resources for enhancing SAS Coding, Data Analytics and Predictive Modeling skills
  • Guidance and support for job interview preparation

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