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Predictive Modeling Workshop


DnI Offers one day classroom training on"Predictive Model Building". Predictive Modeling is used across industries and functional areas. Predictive Model building require understanding of business context, statistical & Machine Learning techniques, analytical framework, data and analytics tools.


  • Predictive Modeling Framework
  • Theory on logistic Regression and overview to other techniques
  • Practical Scenarios and challenges
  • Hands on Predictive Model Building


We can pick up most relevant scenario for an industry.We have developed and have used on various business scenarios. For example Marketing Response Model, Customer Churn for Telecom or Wealth Management customer attrition. Also, we offer an option to conduct the workshop using Base SAS ( analytical software provided by SAS Institute) or R (an open source tool). We require corporate to arrange license for the required tools.

For the workshop outside India,  travel and arrangement cost will be additional.

We conduct workshop for 10 attendees to ensure concepts are delivered appropriately. 

Contact us for further details. 

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