Data Science & Insights Trainings

Start Data Science & Insights Career

If you are swayed by numbers and curious to apply your numerical capabilities for solving business problems, Data Analytics & Insights can help you in starting a great promising career. Structured & in-depth trainings guide you to learn about business problems being solved using Data Science & Insights. You will have hands on experience to real life practical challenges by solving business problems through analytical approach. More Details..

Diversify Data Science & Insights Knowledge

DnI Training programs are designed to help your learning about different applications of Data Science & Insights across business problems, changing functional area or Industry vertical, learning additional Statistical & its applications. The trainings are designed to build your experience in a relevant business vertical,functional area and Tools & Techniques. More Details..

Data Science & Insights for Business & Client Managers

DnI Institute has designed programs for you to know Data Science & Insights beyond buzz in conferences and analytics blogs. You will be introduced to Analytics maturity model, Customer Life Cycle & Analytics, frameworks for identifying analytics opportunities at your client, and Analytics Case Studies and trends. More Details..

Build Data Science & Insights Experience for Employees

DnI Institute partners with you to build data science & insights experience of your employees by conducting focused workshops, creating a custom (based on available data or for a specific business problem) trainings and designing & delivering analytics induction programs.
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