Start Data Science & Insights Career

Start Data Science & Insights Career

If you swayed by numbers and curious to apply your numerical capabilities for business problems, Data Analytics & Insights can help in starting your great career.

Structured & in-depth trainings guide you to learn about business problems being solved using Data Science & Insights.

You will be exposed to real life practical challenges by creating & solving scenarios for building your analytics experience.

Why should you consider Data Science & Analytics career?

Salary Starting salary for Business Analytics Professionals or Data Scientists is significantly higher as compared to median salary of the starters in other professions. Also, typically salary growth for these roles are better due to niche skills and strategic role played by data scientist or business analyst teams.
Job Prospect Due to high inflow of data and competitive pressures, organizations across industries are looking to build their analytics & data science capability. A number of renowned magazines and publications estimated huge shortage of data scientists and analytics professions in US and across world.
Interest in Numbers If you have great numerical skills & interest, data science & analytics profession is right place to leverage your skills in making difference to your employer & your career. Data Scientist and Analytical professionals everyday solve business problems using numbers and algorithms.
Ideas & Thoughts Quantitative skills, statistical techniques and tools are some of the required skills for an analytics professional, but ideas and thinking are core to his/her job role. An analyst or data scientist has to bring a fresh perspective and think in multiple ways to bring insights for business managers to act on. If you love the challenges and think out of box, data science and analytics career can be a great place to start your corporate career.

Some of the Data Science & Insights trainings available are: