Analytics Internship Program

About Program

DnI Institute compiled a list of trainings which expose and equip you to understand & solve some of the real world problems. In your journey to build greater Data Science & Insights experience, we have initiated Analytics Internship Program. This is one of its kind programs to involve you in real world problem solution along with a few seasoned Data Scientist and Analytics Professionals. Applications of Data Science & Insights demand you to know – business domain: Problem Definition, statistics & analytics techniques: Mapping to Right Analytics techniques, data & technology: Solving the analytical problems, and effective communications & leadership: deploy or get it deployed for decision making.

Through this program, you may be involved in the discussions with clients/partners to understand the business challenges. You and the other Data Scientists will define the business problem & convert into analytics problem. You will be involved in the project phases – from project initiation, through developing solution to final delivery/presentation.

Analytics Project Stages

An analytics process is insights discovery process to find the insights and summary results for the management to make an informed decision.

SAPI Framework

Typical Projects

You will be involved in wide variety of projects and exact project requirements may be different based on the project pipeline.

SAPI Framework


At least 3 trainings successfully completed from DnI Institute or Masters in Quantitative Streams from premier institutes.


  • Practical & hands on experience of Data Science & Insights projects
  • Building Data Science & Insights experience across project life stages
  • Formulating business problem and converting into analytics problem which is one of the critical phase in delivering insights for the business
  • Getting Data Science & Analytics experience certificate for the duration

How to apply?

Contact us and we will guide you on next steps.

Have a question?

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Terms & Conditions

  • Exact project and type of the project may differ.
  • Number of internship slots will be decided by DnI Institute.
  • Location of Internship is currently Bangalore, India.
  • You will require to complete at least 6 months to get the experience certificate.
  • Fee and charges paid will not be refund