How It Works

How to get Experienced in Data Science & Insights

Build Data Science and Insights experience by joining DnI Institute. DnI Institute offers practical, comprehensive, and scenario based trainings for effective learning. On your data science and insights experience building journey, you could leverage DnI provided Analytics Mentorship and Internship programs.

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You to make informed decision, DnI Provides

  • List of trainings
  • Training Overview
  • Brochures with detailed contents covered
  • Sample video
  • Sample case studies
  • Analytics forums

Mode of Trainings

  • Online video based
  • Virtual Interactive Class
  • Classroom

Contact us if you need advice on how to build Data Science Career or what training will be most relevant to you

Enroll for Data Science & Insights Programs

Register: Free

  • Access to list of free trainings, analytics case studies, and while papers
  • Regular DnI Newsletter

Enroll: Nominal charges

  • Once you decide on a training and mode of the training, you could enroll for the training by paying the fee
  • Once you may the fee, you will get access to relevant content and videos
  • You could also join Analytics Mentorship and Internship programs (contact us for fee and charges)
Build Experience

Enjoy the Data Science and Insights trainings provided by DnI

Your learning will assisted and assessed by

  • Quizzes
  • Practical Projects
  • Ask questions to trainer

Analytics Mentorship Program-AMP

  • You can join AMP without joining any training
  • You will be provided guidance on selecting right technique and framework for solving problem

Analytics Internship Program-AIP

  • You will be involved in real life Data Science & Insights project delivery

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A Flow Chart to Enroll & get Experienced

Flow Chart to Enroll with DnI