FAQ Submit Questions

Why do we collect the questions?

DnI Response: Increasing number of analytics aspirants or analytics professionals are looking for guidance and support. What type of questions are asked in interview? What level is my knowledge compared to employer expectations? We aim to help analytics aspirants in getting an analytics job or learning new skills. The analytics questions from industry practitioners like you can help them by posing right questions. We are acting as a facilitator between you and the analytics aspirants & other analytics professionals.

In first phase, DnI Institute aims to capture questions and in second phase leverage direct or modified analytics interview questions for setting up quizzes for analytics aspirants and analytics professionals.

How will DnI Institute use the questions?

DnI Response: We will share with analytics aspirants after appropriate masking or changes. This will help them getting better sense of the real and practical applications of analytics or data science.

How do you submit questions and when do you submit the questions?

DnI Response: You could submit questions any time. DnI Institute may run various competitions to reward candidate who submit higher and better questions. DnI Institute may decide to reward candidates who would have submitted questions outside competition window.

How do we get reward?

DnI Response: Once all the questions which have been submitted by you within a competition are evaluated by DnI Institute expert team, we would notify you about the number of questions that are not rejected and hence considered for determining the winner. If you are one of the winner, you would receive the reward communication on the registered email ID and/or mobile number. Level of reward will be based on promotional offer and criteria. The eligible amount for a candidate will be sent the candidate. The amount will be in the form of Flipkart or Amazon voucher(s) and will be emailed to the candidate.

How is the time window of the competition determined?

DnI Response: Competition may occur weekly / fortnightly. Start time and end time of any competition would be displayed on the landing page of the competition. In case of any query please reach out to DnI Institute @ info@dni-institute.in

How many questions should I submit (any minimum or maximum limit)?

DnI Response: You can submit any number of questions during the competition window. Higher the number of questions you submit, higher is the chance of you winning the competition

Can I edit the questions once submitted?

DnI Response: No, once submitted, you would not be allowed to edit the questions. You can always add the new questions

How many times can I submit the questions?

DnI Response: There is no limit, you can submit questions whenever you want in a given period of competition. Outside the competition, you can submit any time but those questions will not be considered for the competition.

When can I expect response from you against my submission?

DnI Response: You would receive a system generate email upon the successful submission. Questions would be evaluated on weekly basis, you would be able to see the snapshot summary in the dashboard that would appear once you login using your credentials

How will these questions be used?

DnI Response: These questions can be used for commercial or non-commercial purposes including but not limited to training, social learning, quiz etc.

Will my profile and personal information be kept secret?

DnI Response: DnI Institute is committed to keep the information safe and will be used only for purpose it is captured. For more details, you are referred to read disclaimer. DnI Institute will decide how to display details of candidate on website especially of the competition winner(s).

What are the formats in which I should submit my questions?

DnI Response: You can submit individual question (with multiple options or case study based).

Can I still submit the question if I don't know the answer?

DnI Response: No, you need to know the answer before submitting the question. Since the questions can be used for the learning purpose for the larger community base, so it is must to know the answer first before it can be posted for further learning.

What is the criteria for judging the questions?

DnI Response: DnI Institute panel of experts would be evaluating the submitted questions, their decision (approved / rejected) would be deemed final with no further objection.

How many times can I be rewarded?

DnI Response: One person can be winner of different competitions as long as the candidate satisfy the competition criteria. The list of questions across competition have to be different and accepted by the expert(s).

What is category of the questions? I do not find relevant category value?

DnI Response: Based on our experience we have created a list of category values under which interview questions fall into. The category value define the type of questions. Whether a question is related to analytics tool (such as SAS, R etc) or related to statistical & analytics techniques. If you do not find any relevant category value, you can still submit the question and we will consider (or count) your question as long as the question can be considered as an analytics question.

What is question type?

DnI Response: Objective questions can be multiple choice or multiple option type. If you have only one correct option, you could select only one check box.

In analytics interview, case studies and analytics puzzles are also asked by the employers. You could share those questions using “Case Study” question type.

You may have additional questions. Please contact us with your questions and we will be happy to answer your questions.