Frequently Asked Question

How are the trainings different from other available in the market?

A number of training institutes are available and providing both online and classroom trainings. We differentiate ourselves in a number of ways.

  • The content for each training is developed based on practical experience & learning, not simply to cover analytics tool options.
  • Aim is to help you build your experience in data science and analytics; hence huge number of practical challenges and scenarios are explained in a simple and accurate way.
  • A training program is substantially comprehensive to give you confidence and the analytics skills for discovering patterns and delivering business analytics accurately and effectively.
  • The trainings will be delivered both online and classroom in an effective way to ensure everyone understand the Concepts and Why certain things are being done in a particular way?
  • Developing inquisitive skills (skills to ask questions) is central theme to all the trainings, we believe an analyst should always ask questions to business managers and himself or herself.
  • Number of quizzes and analytics projects to ensure required practice

Can I attend class room training(s)?

There are 3 modes of trainings being offered. Online video based, online instructor driven and classroom trainings. The training schedule and locations for classroom & online instruction driven are finalized and fixed based on demand and availability of the trainers. Please register and contact us based on your interest and we will intimate when schedule is finalized. Currently the class room trainings will be available only in India.

How will classroom and online training be different?

Our objective of helping you build your data science and analytics experience remains constant across modes of training & the trainings. The classroom trainings offer an interactive medium to learn and build the experience. It also provides you an opportunity to build personal connect with other participants.

How will I get benefitted?

We believe there is huge gap in what available and what you need to be successful. We have very focused and customized trainings for Engagement Managers or Business Development Professionals, Experienced Analytics Professionals and Analytics Starters.

  • Business developers will be able to leverage the trainings for improving analytics & data science understanding, identifying analytics opportunities from client discussions and growing analytics engagements.
  • Analytics Professionals will be able to diversify analytics experience and change the existing functional area or business vertical based on new experience.
  • Analytics Starters can build analytics, statistics and domain knowledge to start analytics and data science career.

Will you provide job search or job change support?

A number of research publications such as Harvard Business Review and McKinsey have predicted huge demand for analytics professionals and data scientists. Also, all the major analytics companies (e.g. start up, KPOs, Captives, Consulting and Technology firms) are hiring analytics professionals. We offer mentorship, internship and job search support to get you good start of analytics career.

Your personal capability & skills gets you a well-deserved job and we help you to build the required analytics skills which will be valued by your prospective employers.

Internship program is built to help you in building experience of Data Science & Insights project delivery.

The mentorship program is intended to help you while you are in your new job or role. Our objective is to partner with you on your analytics journey and not limited to trainings.

Will I get training certification?

We help you build data science and analytics skills along with domain knowledge, which are the requirement in the market. We can provide certification based on individual requirements once course is completed along with required quizzes and project work. Contact us for certification once you complete training.

How can I enroll for Mentorship and Internship program?

We are in process to roll out these programs. Please contact us with your requirements and ideas. We will respond with latest update.

Do you have courses specific to my needs?

We have designed the trainings considering requirements in the industry. If you have a specific requirement, please provide the details and we can definitely help you.

How can I learn SAS or R free?

The course content is designed with decades of industry and tool knowledge. We have priced all the courses reasonably. Still if you have any feedback please reach out to us. We have extensive resources and contents on the website& forum on the range of topics including analytics, statistical learning, developing tools based skills. You could definitely start SAS and R learning and reach out to us for a specific question.