Data Science & Insights for Business & Client Managers

Data Science & Insights for Business & Client Managers

DnI Institute has designed programs for you to know Data Science & Insights beyond buzz in conferences and analytics blogs. You will be introduced to Analytics maturity model,

Data Science application across Customer Life Cycle, analytical frameworks for identifying analytics opportunities at your client, and Analytics Case Studies and trends are some of the key dimensions

DnI offered training programs facilitate your data science and analytics experience building. We explain some of the key applications of Statistical and Machine learning techniques across functional areas and business verticals. How these programs do benefit you?

Case Study Training courses will include practical business problems and their analytical solution approaches . A few relevant case studies will be included to give you
talking points for various discussions. The details will be limited to get a perspective and help you build your own.
Framework Each training course will expose you to various analytical frameworks which training developers have experienced over the years. You could learn and tweak
to based on your clients requirements. We also provide some frameworks for:
  • Identifying Client Pain Areas or area of opportunities
  • Setting up analytical engagement
  • Costing and Pricing
Opportunity We aim to help you be ready for your discussions with clients or prospective clients on identifying opportunities related to deploying data analytics and
data science services and solutions. And help you grow the business with the clients. Typically data analytics and science facilitates acquiring more business
down stream related to technology and Business Intelligence

Some of the Data Science & Insights trainings available are: